Robots are humanborn lifeforms made out of metal, much like the shotgun Kurt Cobain used to put iron in his brain cells. Robots have a unique diversity, although this specific diversity did not lead to 400 years of captivity and enslavement. Robots were founded in 2005 after the Irish folklore indie film, Robots was released. After all the children were whimsied and delighted to see robots were colorful, and loving beings, James Cameron decided that children shouldn’t be allowed to have nice things, and created Terminator. The Terminator was a robot film about robots killing humans in gory, gun-violent ways. This made children grasp the understanding of human mortality, turning them into moody teenagers. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the pornographic industry wanted a piece of the action, bringing to light coitus-ridden films like Johnny Con-Rad Penis and Sar-ah, Ooh, Yeah, Conner’s Sexy Brosis Roboadventure. Anywho, robots can be sentient and non-sentient, like cell phones and ceiling fans. Albert Einstein and the other nazis wanted to create robots in 1945, but Hitler had a big lunch at Taco Bell, so he had to evacuate to the restrooms. Unfortunately, the pipes in Germany were all out of whack like John McCain’s breast implants. While Hitler was spewing anal fumes into his racist porcelain, the sewage pipe from that latrine was linked to all of the Jewish prisoner camps, and Hitler’s burrito stank suffocated millions of Jewish captives. This was later portrayed in history as the Holocaust, and it embarrassed Hitler to the point where he Kurt Cobained himself, and thus Germany losing the war, all thanks to Taco Bell.


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