Mannequins are lifeless human decoys designed by the Government to prevent job creation. Mannequins are ruled by the only living mannequin, a Slender mannequin named Slenderman. Oh, now I get it! Mannequins have prevented about 176,000,000 awful jobs from being made to pay disgusting humans to help them deal with absurd financial anomalies like “mortgages” or “bankruptcy”. I mean, seriously, it has BANK in the name, how could that possibly be a bad thing, am I right? Anyways, mannequins are naked human drones that wear clothes to look like humans who are talented at being statues. If word got out that these drones weren’t actual people, outbursts of irrational, American rage would flood the streets. Women screaming about women’s rights, and perverted men that want to gawk at real women and not feel weird about rustling his own jimmies to toilet material-borne fake women. Mannequins have saved the country millions in taxes, salaries and whatever other money-saving words they probably did.  The women are all up in a huff about how they are call mannequins and not Personnequins, because Equal rights, Hillary Clinton, Flint Michigan or who knows what. The board closed this argument like the board was in a box with six silver play pieces and many plastic red and green buildings. Mannequins tried to pass a bill that treated porcelain people like bacteria-coated people. Unfortunately, due to their inability to function, after they wrote the bill, they could not walk to the mailbox. 


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